Poetry — the melody of heart
Tribune News Service
Chandigarh, May 20 [2003]

In an exclusive programme organised at Art Folio in Sector 9, a former Principal of the Chandigarh College of Architecture, Dr S.S. Bhatti, gave a highly informative exposition of the architectonics of poetry.

He demonstrated how such terms as syllable, metre, rhythm, rhyme, beat, tempo and pattern, though familiar, are not identified by the uninitiated with the essential structure of poetry. He wondered how a vast majority of harmony does not respond to poetry despite the fact that poetry is an exclusive art form that springs from the heart beats of life.

Even the word, Uni-verse, he pointed out, means that the cosmos maintains its essential unity because, at the bottom, it is one magnificent poem. Himself a widely acclaimed poet, who has also been awarded the famous Editor’s Choice Award by the American Poetry Association, California, USA, Dr Bhatti laid the base of his talk “poetry appreciation and recitation of poems” by first sketching the etymological context of the fine art of poetry.

Poetry was born when the primitive man began to dance in the celebration of life to the crude beats of the improvised drums,” he said, adding that poetry is a virtual dance in words. Justifiably the crowning glory of the 64 fine arts, poetry, Dr Bhatti said, is the crowning glory of all art, as it is the closest to heart and to life. Born as it was out of the man’s urge to give another shape to depression or to elation, poetry is an extension of life’s most heart-felt feelings, rendered in some sort of a musical pattern that further adds melody to itself as it is repeated in a rhythmic style, so basic to poetry.

Dr Bhatti also recited his own poems to show how music is wedded to melody. Through the verses recited at Art Folio, Dr Bhatti proved that poetry is music in words or more precisely, is the art of painting word pictures.