Although CRITICISM has since long been regarded as an independent and a necessary field complementary to CREATIVITY in its various forms yet geniuses like Nobel Laureate TS Eliot discountenanced it as superfluous or supercilious or both. He was categorical in asserting that Criticism does not exist unless the Creator and the Critic happen to be the same person.

Although Eliot’s radical view is valid, at least I can vouch from my life-long experience in Creativity and Criticism, yet the world prefers not to run by the great man’s diktat. There are thus critics of all genres and mindsets of illimitable variety in all fields of human endeavour in which Creativity happens to play a primary role, namely, painting, sculpture, drawing, dance drama, filmmaking, photography, graphic design, literature, and a host of other disciplines.

I am presenting here a sampler from my own repertoire that concerns Art Criticism. I believe that if you read it with reasonable interest and attention you will find something worthy of your time, effort, and energy.


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