Human Life, regardless of religious beliefs, cultural variations, geographical factors, and ethnic eccentricities, is an organic whole constituted of Body, Mind, and Soul. In pragmatic terms, Body forms the indispensable ground for the other two metaphysical entities. Therefore, it stands to reason that we must look after the Body to the best of our abilities and resources. My father had an original philosophy drawn from lifelong experience and observation inspired by self-study steeped in Gurbani [Scripture of the Sikh Faith].` He used to tell me even when I was far too young to grasp the gravity of the esoteric message that God has kept everything to Himself concerning Man’s life – his parentage, siblings, spouse, reputation, richness, success, and a host of other goals on which we waste away a precious life in anxious unavailing concerns. But one thing that the Lord has granted is total freedom to Man to manage his HEALTH, which, as can be easily verified from general observation, he ruins by persistent indiscretions: gluttony, fasting, over-sleeping, over-work, and a couldn’t-care-less attitude. From my lifelong experience, I have found this to be embarrassingly true in an overwhelmingly majority of cases.

Anyway the crucial point involved in the case of each entity [Body, Mind, and Soul] is that in order to survive, which is a primary requirement of every living organism, each requires food unique to its genetic needs. This food cannot be substituted among the three of them. Thus the Body’s survival rests on the Food we eat; the Mind’s on the Thoughts we think; and the Soul’s on God-remembrance. The universal principle underlying and directing the activity of each is that misuse, abuse, and disuse harms the entity in equal measures. For over-use or wrong use of disuse of Body will certainly tell upon its health. If you are overcautious against real or imagined infection and take precautions to ward it off by clinical means; for instance, by taking boiled water always, you are putting into disuse the immune system that is an essential part of the Body as Nature’s sentinel for doing the job that you are getting done by artificial means. A time then arrives when you become so much vulnerable that even at the mildest exposure to the outside world you fall sick. Therefore, the wise thing to do is to eat, work, and sleep in moderation. Guru Nanak [1469-1539: Founder of the Sikh Faith] had a three-prong formula based on the Law of Conservation of Energy: Eat little; Sleep little; and Talk little.

Ancient Greek philosophy integrated the need for a strong healthy Body to house a strong healthy Mind. Men of ancient Greece spent time at local 'gymnasiums' with an emphasis on expanding the mind through discussion on religion, philosophy, politics, and current events. The 'gymnasium' was the real school of olden times. With high regard and admiration for beauty, and a pragmatic understanding of the importance of health and fitness, the ancient Greeks believed that developing your BODY was as important as developing your MIND.